Coach Dashboard

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This was inspired by my recent Fiverr client. If you're a coach or you're looking for a central hub to manage all your clients, projects AND be able to communicate with them inside notion, this is for you.

Sections in the FREE VERSION:

  1. Quick buttons to make actions simpler for you.
  2. Session notes & tasks section: Keep track of upcoming tasks related to projects and their status. Weekly view, monthly view and all task details.
  3. Meetings and sessions: View upcoming meetings/sessions, overdue ones, calendar, meetings grouped by clients and an overview of all meetings.
  4. Clients section: An at-a-glance view of all your clients, pipeline, active & upcoming vs clients you've completed/cancelled contracts with.
  5. Coaching projects: Keep a record of all your projects, their priority, linked clients, date started, status, total value, amount earned per session, amount paid etc.
  6. Resources section: See your resources grouped by category- web links, books, files, images & videos.

Additional Sections in the PREMIUM VERSION:

Coach Dashboard:

  • A session timer to see exactly how long your sessions last. It also has a reminder that can be updated to send you notifications when a session/Meeting is supposed to start.

Coachee Portal:

Centralized systems that allow you to have better interactions with your clients. Create an unlimited number of portals!

  • A personal information section- so they can input their image, email, phone number, date of birth, date started coaching,
  • A section that shows an weekly & monthly overview of their sessions/meetings, notes, record of what they learnt & a place to add actionable tasks to complete after the session.
  • Communication hub to interact with clients inside notion. View all the messages/questions written by the clients and answer them. Provide more information about coaching projects, tips & tricks and daily support- all inside notion.
  • Curriculum/course: A template to help you build a mini course inside the portal and track the stage that your clients are at. You can leave comments to tell them areas of improvement and actionable steps to take.
  • At the very top of their portal, there's an area for them (and you) to keep track of their tasks related to sessions/curriculum.
  • Resources section to add all the places where they find certain information grouped by type of resources. They can add important weblinks, books, files & videos.

If you'd like a custom version of this template, just reach out:

This template was created with you in mind. If you like it, please leave a review ★ ★ ★ ★ ★

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Coach Dashboard

13 ratings
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